3 definitions by KMA

Originated near Frederick, MD circa 2004---noun---One who farts so viciously it leaves a pungent odor in their pants that may last an extended period of time.
Dude...Tim has some killer "fartpants" today.
by KMA December 08, 2004
Originated on a warm drunken summer's night in Gaithersburg, MD. The man, the myth, the legend. The eggpants...
Jodi messed up his name so badly...we have decided to name him eggpants.
by KMA December 10, 2004
Circa 2003, Frederick, MD. A lumper is when you pass-gas only to have the excretion interupted by an unexpected turd.
Tim was so excited that he went to pass-gas, and to his suprise, felt a "lumper".
by KMA December 09, 2004

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