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3 definitions by KJAM

Scribble, write, and/or place in memory.

See Eminem's song "Stan" to hear him use the term.
I need to jot that down.
by KJAM February 16, 2005
Don't know where this one came from but it means to be tired and/or exhausted.

It propably was derived from "dragging your feet" but changed up to be a little more extreme and exclamatory.
I partied so much last night, that I was draggin' ass today at work.
by KJAM April 18, 2005
The true definition.

"On hit" means that something is offensive.
1. "Dude, your breath is on hit, go brush your teeth."

2. "Quit droppin' ass, your farts are on hit."

Not to be confused with "on point" which means somehting is fun/great or someone is performing at their "A" game.
by KJAM February 08, 2005