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5 definitions by KISS_fan

When people add a definition to urban dictionary, usually on music, movies or sometimes even books (In the case of Twilight), and attempt to brain wash people in to believing their opinion is fact, even though it's usually moronic.
Example of Urban Opinions.

Example 1; All Time Low

"amazing band.
your stupid if you dont check them out."

Example 2; Twilight

"You should read the Twilight books and see the movie, they are all great"
by Kiss_Fan January 09, 2010
An Ow Break is whilst being in so much pain, usually being inflicted from another person, like when receiving a tattoo, you ask them to stop for a second while you simply say "ow." They then carry on.
-Getting Tattoo Done-

Jack: Wait a second, Ow break... Ow.

-Carries on Tattooing-
by Kiss_Fan January 05, 2010
The milestone of a certain amount of tweets a person has posted on twitter. This is usually every hundred tweets.
"I forgot my 200th tweetiversary, so I'm looking forward to my 250th"
by Kiss_Fan February 04, 2010
The profession of a person who has seen ever single episode of the television series "Scrubs. Some believe this classifies as them as doctors, when actually they are just "scroctors".
Man Who Faints: (Faints)
Waiter: Is anybody a doctor?!
Mega Scrubs Fan: No, but i'm a Scroctor!
by Kiss_Fan April 07, 2010
The word used to replace "lol" and clearly you aren't "laughing out lol." TQH simply stands for That's Quite Humorous.
Steve: You're Homosexual.
Gay Tom: TQH.
by KISS_fan May 19, 2010