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Filled with Hispanics and Asians. They live in the center of the king county and live near porn shops, pho stores, bums, and Asian markets. The Hispanic crowd usually ride in riced out Civics and Integras. The Asian crowd stay where more of the houses and schools are, which is a lot safer than 'the town'. Still not the safest place to be, though.

People may have heard stereotypes of this wonderful town such as ghetto, run-down and that the kids there are born to be dropouts. Also that they aren't as ghetto as said to be and our kids are just like the others. One can not judge from one.

In all, White Center is just another town in the king county.
"Man, White Center people are horrible!"

"White Center people are just like everyone else."
by KIDDDDDDDDDDDDD January 24, 2010
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