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2 definitions by KGB1979

A medium-sized mining town in north eastern in Nevada located on I-80 with a population of about 7,500.

There's a Walmart and a bunch of fast food restaurants, some farms and a big-ass potato factory.

Some people like it, some people dont.
Me: I just moved to Winnemucca, I kinda like it here

local teen: What?!? This place f**king sucks!
by KGB1979 January 21, 2012
11 2
a girl's preoccupation with sex after she has had sex with someone who is really good

the feeling you get after you have seen a really huge cock
Girl 1: OMG! I can't stop thinking about Marcus. He fucked me so good last night!
Girl 2: Damn girl! You are totally cockstruck!

Lady 1: Holy shit! Halen's cock is huge! He showed it to me last night and I almost fainted.
Lady 2: Sounds like you were cockstruck.
by KGB1979 May 27, 2012
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