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Also known as to stab, or cause a laseration with any type of shapened object.
This word is mainly used in this way in the country of Belize.
"If he doesn't stop playing with me im gonna juk him with my knife."
"He threttened someone in your family? If I was you I would go juk him with that knife."
by KG- Man November 03, 2009
Females, Women, Ladies, Girls. Opposite sex of males. Opposite to men.
"Lets go out tonight, I hope we find some feminies so we can party at my place."
"Got talk to that feminie, she keeps looking over at you."
by KG- Man November 03, 2009
Mainly in the country of Belize, used as: Girly man, or iffeminite boy.
"He can't play contact sports, he is a gial bwai."
"He is a gial bwai, all he does is cry".
by KG- Man November 03, 2009
Bullshit, Bullcrap.
"He likes to talk rass." "Don't listen to him, he only talks rass."
by KG- Man November 03, 2009

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