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Acronym: What Goes Around Comes Around.

Meaning: A cycle of cause and effect, where your past actions onto others may later become other's actions acted upon you.
Murdoch: Just because I'm a huge jerk to her doesn't make it right for her to be a huge jerk back.
Herman: That may be, from a logical standpoint, but WGACA Murdoch.
Murdoch: I guess I'll just have to be an even bigger jerk.
Herman: I don't think that's how it works dude. You're just creating bigger...
Murdoch: You're speaking of Karma? That's bullocks!
Herman: So after observing it occurring you've decided it's bullocks?
Murdoch: It's all coincidence man.
Herman: We shall see.
by KFXKFM August 07, 2009

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