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The best headbanger in the world. I mean seriously, she needs a trophy! She is so amazing and I love her to pieces. She's the singer out of a band called Paramore (My favourite band!) and she is forever changing her hair colour. At the moment it is currently Red but she has had it; Blonde, Orange, Ginger, Pink, Black, Yellow, Brown, Auburn and she has also had abit of blue in with her blonde hair before. Personally, she is my idol. I love her to bits and if I wasn't straight and she wasn't straight, then yeah, I'd marry her :D. I think if I was to actually meet her, then I would die!
1: Have you seen the girl singer out of Paramore?
2: Is she the one with the orange hair?
1: Yeah, She headbangs alot too, She's amazing at it
2: I agree, I'm suprised she doesn't get a bad neck.

1: Have you seen Hayley's new hair colour?
2: Yeah, It's pink right?
1: No, It's red!
2: Oh, She dyed it again then!

1: Have you seen that awesome girl from Paramore?
2: Hayley Williams?
1: Yeah
2: Duh, everyones seen her, She's just amazing.
1: I'd so turn bi-sexual for her
2: I think everybody would!
by KEMM2011 May 04, 2011

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