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A "living legend" who can be used as an example or standard in nearly any circumstance. Usually an extreme type of person that you've never actually met, but have heard many stories about in subjects ranging from academics to partying. The stories of him become so wide-spread, that you doubt that the person ever existed in the first place, but their legendary status continues to exist unabated (especially on college campuses).
I know its impressive that he scored the winning touchdown and then nailed the hottest chick on campus afterwards, but that's nothing compared to what Graue did back in the day. The crazy bastard not only won the game back when he was on the team, but he also stole the other guys' mascot, screwed the president's daughter, chugged a keg, escaped the police, burned down the freshman dorm, and still managed to make his 8:00 class on Monday and ace that exam. Extreme.
by KCKay February 24, 2008
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