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61 definitions by KC

A way the white man can refer to a mass of blacks without them knowing they're being refered to
"Hey, it's gettin kinda dark, looks like its gonna rain"
"Hey, there's a lotta rainclouds out today. Hope it dont rain"
by KC March 03, 2004
5 13
Dave Chapelle in a video game.
"Man...Blackzilla kicked the fuck out of Godzilla yesterday."
by KC March 26, 2004
21 30
Group of guys from Olin and Statesville, North Carolina, who all attended North Iredell High School and now hang out all the time.
KC Daniel Caleb Artie Aaron Josh and Bill are in the North Iredell Militia
by KC April 11, 2005
4 14
A random word to keep a conversation continuously flowing or a word in place of God.
ex. 1. z1:How are you? z2:GAH!

ex. 2. Oh my GAH!
by Kc March 08, 2005
4 15
Poohead is what my friends are all called. We are like a group of BIG POOHEADS.
Jo, Sue, Katie, Laura and Sarah are all such pooheads
by KC May 09, 2003
7 18
it means you're a fucker
GAS but with an F
by kc March 09, 2003
0 12
Debater who owns like no other when CXing.(not LDing)
Wow, that kid is AWESOME at debate... he must be a GOD!
by Kc March 10, 2005
7 22