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An MMORPG (Mass Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) created by Verant in the 90's. After undergoing several expansion packs, the game reached its final version. A player can choose from one of these races:wood elf, high elf, half elf, human, froglok, vah shir, troll, ogre, dwarf, gnome, iksar, barbarian, erudite, halfing, or dark elf, and from these classes (or character paths): rogue, druid, enchanter, ranger, magician, wizard, warrior, berserker, paladin, shadow knight, necromancer, shaman, monk, beastlord, bard.

There are currently seventy levels which a player can attain through adventuring across Norrath's 3 continents and moon.

EverQuest is highly addictive and can cause serious withdrawal from social situations, thus its alias 'EverCrack'.

However, the stereotype that one who plays EverQuest can't get laid is a myth: I played EverQuest consistently for several years of my life, eventually sold my character on Ebay for 200 dollars, and have no shortage of social situations or sexual partners.
Everquest can be fun, but don't play it too much.
by KBinator February 23, 2006

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