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The Holy Grail of Calculators. This baby can do everything from calculate how much you need to tip your lovely waitress to graph a complicated integral that even your Calculus teacher will be amazed by. O and don't worry it can do much, much more. Too much, that a normal human could never actually figure out all it's features in an entire lifetime. It is the Ultimate / Only friend of an Engineering Major.
Kim : I looked up Calculator in the dictionary the other day, and it wasn't defined!

Tom: What do you mean?

Kim: All it said was: See Ti89.
by KBUR July 16, 2008
Mythical Creature, often spotted by those who believe to have also seen Sasquatch. Though if this creature were to exist, it would probably suffer much verbal abuse from it's fellow classmates of the male species.
Tim : Did you hear someone said there's a female in our Engineering Program?

Fred: Haha, A Female Engineer, she'll last like umm.. two days.
by KBUR July 17, 2008
See Ti89.
People should stop wasting their time Defining "Calculator" when The Ti89 conquers all.
by KBUR July 16, 2008

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