97 definitions by KARL

it's denDrophIliac, dumbass
"if you can't spell dendrophiliac, you're a fucking dumbass, Steve," said Karl on his way down the mystery chute.
by Karl June 03, 2003
To make or become blurry
My eyes suddenly became unfocused, and I could see nothing.
by Karl April 12, 2003
Karl Zdrenka a normal name with a normal purpose
oftern used by undereducated chavs who cant speak
by Karl April 06, 2005
(1) Something retarded you exclaim after your roommate announces "yeyeah!"
(2) an exclamation of your profound excitedness at seeing a fine piece of ass.
Teddy enters the house and announces "yeyeah!" In response you exclaim "shpladdow!"
by Karl July 06, 2004
the most l33t of all l33t hes quite the gangster and is also a pimp that sells ganje buds for lemmon seeds as he missed 2 yrs of school
oh look, theres kayess hes so secksay i wann fux him - nix
by karl April 01, 2005
The foamy mixture of a mans skeet juice and a womans cum.
" My woman loves to guzzle my man foam in her mouth."
by karl February 23, 2005
some might say she is a 'two-bit whore', i'd say she is a cheap provider

some might say she is 'easy', i'd say she is horizontally accessible

some might say she is a 'slut', i'd say... yeah, i agree. it's whores like this that give us reason to set back women's movements hahaha!
letty-poo's acts of slutty-ness know no bounds
by Karl December 30, 2004

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