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97 definitions by KARL

an extremely difficult trick done on a skateboard where you do a mute grab and just spin backside until you don't even know which way is up. it's actually performed by adding a 540 to a 360; you have to wind up for the 360 while spinning the first 540. people don't realize how insane it really is.
tony hawk had to go the the chiropractor often while trying to learn the 9.
by karl July 10, 2004
a very common belief these days. revolves mainly around the idea, "what is right for you isn't right for me". denies that there is truth at all. many relativists realize that mathematical truths cannot be disproven, but they still susbscribe to the idea that multiple opposing ideas can exist in the same realm and still produce no conflicts.
hitler thought it was perfectly fine of him to kill millions of people. obviously, he was a relativist. the people he oppressed obviously didn't have the same veiw, and look at what happened. they were killed.
by karl June 08, 2004
an extremely sexy cool short lil asian girl
that girl is such a Minami it gives me a stiffy
by karl April 25, 2005
person that has socks on with sandles
by karl October 05, 2003
A power hungry TWL asshole; Also one having a "Rod" up his cornhole.
"Oh I see we have another Rodimus working at TWL"
by Karl December 31, 2003
the opposite of infiltrate; to exit
The prisoner had to exfiltrate the prison; After death, than man's mind exfiltrated his brain.
by Karl April 12, 2003
When Playing any EA Sports Game, the act of taking it in the ass on every play
I was playing NCAA Football last night; needless to say, there was a lot of reamage.
by Karl October 02, 2002