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2 definitions by K3no

A drinking game where a couple must perform positions in the Kama Sutra in the backseat of a car within 20 seconds and are judged by the other passengers in the car. An unacceptable stance results in the couple taking a shot of alcohol, while an acceptable stance results in the remaining passengers taking a shot.
Man, who wants to play a few rounds of Backseat Sutra?!
by K3no April 01, 2009
14 6
The dousing of tequila on the balls, followed by the salting of said balls, followed by the act of teabagging an individual.
Damn, she must love receiving an El Teabag. I can tell, because after making out with her, she smelled like tequila and balls.
by K3no April 01, 2009
7 2