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phr. Meaning, "that's a good idea!" or "I'm cool with that!"
The origins come from the idea that your brain is made up of cogs, and the smoke generated from the cogs' hard work makes smoke, or "fumes" that get you high.
Tammy: Let's go get a snack from the vending machine.
Lori: Yo, gettin' high off the fumes. I haven't eaten anything today.
by K3RM February 27, 2008
adj. smooth, really cool, slick. Outrageously nice.
Based on the consistency of the popular product, Vaseline.
Lori, your presentation today was so vaseline!
Yo, Tammy, tell me the Spice Girls aren't a totally vaseline band.
by K3RM February 27, 2008
adj. Useful and cool at the same time.
excl. Used to express approval or extreme thanks.
That movie Blood Diamond was totally sparkles: it taught people about the evils of the diamond industry /and/ had Leo Decaprio.
You got me the newest issue of Ghost Rider? Sparkles, man!
by K3RM February 27, 2008
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