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A scrub playing street fighter (More than likely a projectile user like ryu or ken) who will stand at the edge of the screen and spam hadoukens until they win.
Person 1: "Yes! I almost got him! Just a few more hits..."

Person 2: "Screw that!" *Jumps to the edge of the screen* Hadouken!...Hadouken!...Hadouken!

Person 1: "...What a hadouken whore."
by K. Blasphamy October 17, 2010
A flowchart scrub (in Street Fighter) that will immediately Shoryuken or some kind of uppercut-like technique as soon as they get up from being knocked down.
Ken: *Grabs*

Ryu: *Falls to the ground*

Ken: "Wait till he gets up, then i--"

Ryu: "SHORYUKEN!!1!"

Person Playing the Game: "Damn dude, get out of shoryuken rehab."
by K. Blasphamy October 17, 2010

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