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1)Nintendo's first attempt at the home console industy, stopped the VG industry from certain doom and is still hailed today as one of the greatest consoles ever.

2) Also known as NES or Famicom (Family Computer)
1) The NES is the best console of all time!

2) Japanese person: Have you got the Famicom?
USA/EU person: You mean the NES right?, yeah I do.
by K-weave April 24, 2005
A internet gamer term for someone who believes Nintendo,no matter what.

Often used in Gamespot

Origin: If comes from the belief that Nintendo fans(The "sheep") will always follow Nintendo.(The "sheep's shepard)
Gamer 1: Nintendo suck! (This statement won't get you very far in gaming forums, don't try it)
Gamer 2: No they don't! They are LOADS better than M$/Sony/everyone! (Nor will this)
Gamer 1: Get lost sheep! (Nor will this, you'll a make lot a people mad if you say this in the wrong place)
by K-weave April 24, 2005
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