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The act of deleting/removing once's history, or browsing data, on the net.
"Hey dude, u better not forget to cookie cull, or else u'll be in trouble if ur mom finds out what u've been up to on the internet!"
by K-Camisado September 25, 2011
Definition 1: An extreme case of seriousness.

Definition 2: A sarcastic usage of the word "seriously"
Example 1:
"Dude, your girlfriend seriously broke up with you over a such a small matter as her shoe color?"
"Yes, shitriously, she did!"

Example 2:
"You seriously don't know what is 1+1?"
"....of course!, shitriously"

note: The tone is eg 2 is a sarcastic one
by K-Camisado September 25, 2011

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