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the warmest kind of friend one can ever hope to find...

her heart is only worthy of a handful of friends ..

she will cut you off if you piss her off but if your in her good graces she will make you feel like the most amazing person... Her soul is that of a lady who once lived at court and would prefer to be waited on hand an foot..

Her world revolves around her smallest gem.. her little E...

Dawn is a friend who is selfless , gives all she can and asks for nothing in return..
But if you meet this Dawn consider your self LUCKY .. Keep her close and even if there is distance between you make the effort .. she is worth it...
Dawn is like the sweet icing on top of the yummiest cupcakes
#dawna #ducky #lovely lady #best friend #warmest heart #danw
by K and L's momma November 17, 2011
A warm Lady with bright eyes and a warm smile.. she will kick you if your not nice to her friends and is a Fiercely protective momma bear...

Don't poke a momma bear..
She works hard to better her self and still have enough seance to have fun in the process...
She has an old soul with crafty fingers...

Often say.. I could make that..
Would like to sleep more.. and fight less...
Kindree.. Likes to dance and smile through life ..
#kinder #kindy #kind #krneree #kindreeee #kindersurpize
by K and L's momma November 17, 2011
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