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1. A bird, but who cares about a bird?
2. What women should do instead of spitting. In the mouth and down the throat. Anywhere else is unacceptable. No snow balling either. Your woman and all woman should accept the gift with a smile and open mouth. She shall lick it clean. She should then ask for seconds. She will respond when she's finished with: "Please suh, could I have sum more?
Before I sleep with you, I have one question. Spit or swallow?
by K` July 14, 2006
Death metal (200+bpm, 200 riffs/song) + melody (harmonies, melodies, slower choruses, less tremelo picking, tends to be slower).
Dark Tranquility will forever be the greatest melodic death metal band.
by K` January 16, 2006
Rush That Shit Down

Coined from fighting games. Means to play very aggressively.
QUESTION: "Chun is such a fucking turtle, what do I do?"
ANSWER: "Play Yun and RTSD"

QUESTION: "How do I play against Cable? I'm so scared that he's going to AHVB me."
ANSWER: "Play Mags and RTSD"
by K` July 21, 2006
An ambiguous object. Possibly:

a) a cigar because one end burns like the fuse on a cannon
b) a blunt (cigar filled with weed) because after you smoke it you're head is going to explode.
c) any form of firework
d) a penis, cause after you suck it, it explodes in your face
e) a person, because they could blow you to bits in some way (pwn you)
f) the muscles (usually arm) of a person, because cannons are just bigger guns
g) a firearm, preferablly the one you use to kill the person using this ambigous word in front of you. Don't use this word, people will have no clue what you're talking about.
"What did you just say? Cannon?"
by K` October 15, 2005
Like it's counterpart doom, sludge is another genre of "music" inspired by Black Sabbath. Unlike doom however, which emphasizes slower tempos and dynamic heavy riffs. Sludge emphasizes even slower tempos, repetition and progression.
The Melvins, Godflesh, Boris, Buzzov-en, Isis, Sunn 0))), and Khanate are all excellent sludge bands.
by K` February 11, 2006
1. Means wolf in Norweigan
2. The name of a Norweigan band, fronted by Krystoffer Rygg. Although they began with black metal roots, they have since progressed in to folk, jazz and electronica. They are currently focused on electronica, to major underground success. Incredibly brilliant. Official site: http://www.jester-records.com/ulver/
I first heard Ulver with they're debut Bergtatt and have followed them since. Even though it's not black metal, I love it anyway.
by K` May 21, 2005
grudge match -noun.
In a competitive gaming environments, and two players are playing a match, when one player loses and percieves his loses to be a result of a bullshit, whack, gay, stupid, or retarded event decides to rematch or rechallenge his opponent. The following match is called a grudge match. The player who lost in the previous game considers himself better and is deemed to have a grudge against the winning opponent.
- The Duc vs. Sanford money match at Evo 2006. The match was to be best 4/7, and once Duc lost, he believed that he was the fair victor, grudge matched Sanford to a game 8.
- 1hitcombo is notorious for his grudge matches vs. middle kingpin at Xmen vs. Street Fighter. The two players have grudge matched each other no less than 30 games at a time, each believing himself to be the better player, and always attesting their losses to bullshit.
by K` March 16, 2007

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