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2 definitions by K^2

A 50-something asshat trolling parking lots in his midlifecrisismobile looking for young chicks AND his youth. He's usually seen in a wife beater or topless, with the t-tops off. His fart cannon exhaust and delightful revving of the engine throughout the neighborhood bring shudders of "joy" to all.

Closely related to guys who drive over-sized diesels and suffer from "nice-truck-sorry-about-your-dick" syndrome.

Your chariot awaits!
Lester thought his tasty new Corvette would help him score with the cute cashier at Vitamin Cottage, but she just thought he was a huge fukendouche.
by K^2 April 25, 2012
A place where schoolwork is so much easier than in college, but the girls tend to have smaller boobs.
I can't believe I was such a whiner in high school. At least I have a steady supply of booze now that I'm in college.
by k^2 October 08, 2005