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A simple typo of No kidding...kind of like how Own=pwn...but better...
Steve: Dude, I just scrogged Felicia the other day
Hugh: No getting dude?
Steve: No getting.
Hugh: That's awesome
by Justin Spiewak January 20, 2007
A word that could literally be used for anything, not just sexual acts.
Person 1:Hey, let's play some Black Jack
Person 2:Fine, scrog me
Person 1: Twenty-one...how the hell...are you scrogin' me boy?!?!? *pulls out six shooter and kills person 2*

Person 1: I'm gonna go scrogging today
Person 2: Could you pick me up some Chex Mix

Person 1: We were playing baseball and I scrogged a home run
Person 2: Baseball scrogs...
by Justin Spiewak March 29, 2006

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