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pronounced: Duhr, or durr. a "derr" is a person with special needs, or a person who is acting idiotic.
"you're a derr", "look at that derr", "Derr"!!
by Justin Martin November 05, 2006
To have stenuous sexual intercourse resulting in a cowboy walk...
jangling of spurs alos come into play
duuude...i was cowboy booting with her yesterday, and i cant walk
by Justin Martin June 26, 2007
yelling "derrbonk" is to insult someone as if they were to have special needs or mental retardation.
"Derrbonk"! "Shagonk"! "dahdonk"!
by Justin Martin November 23, 2006
to yell "Derr-Ah" is to be retarded and suffer from tourettes syndrome.
Derr-Ah! Derr.....ah! dah-derr! Ah!
by Justin Martin November 23, 2006

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