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4 definitions by Justin Martin

pronounced: Duhr, or durr. a "derr" is a person with special needs, or a person who is acting idiotic.
"you're a derr", "look at that derr", "Derr"!!
by Justin Martin November 05, 2006
55 45
To have stenuous sexual intercourse resulting in a cowboy walk...
jangling of spurs alos come into play
duuude...i was cowboy booting with her yesterday, and i cant walk
by Justin Martin June 26, 2007
3 2
yelling "derrbonk" is to insult someone as if they were to have special needs or mental retardation.
"Derrbonk"! "Shagonk"! "dahdonk"!
by Justin Martin November 23, 2006
1 2
to yell "Derr-Ah" is to be retarded and suffer from tourettes syndrome.
Derr-Ah! Derr.....ah! dah-derr! Ah!
by Justin Martin November 23, 2006
4 6