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A halfassed plot for a sci-fi novel turned into a 'Religion' by L. Ron Hubbard.
A Scientologist and his money are soon parted.
by Justin June 19, 2005
The forgotten borough
Steve: Isn't Harlem a borough?
Justin: No, staten island is.
Steve: What's staten island?
by Justin December 24, 2004
The act of being:

1) Unsure
2) Sarcasm
3) "Yeah sure."
<Drthodt> I can program in Java
<Just1n> Sure Drthodt. :/

Also see: :) :|
by Justin April 13, 2004
A hockey goalie who allows many goals to be scored by the other team, causing his team own team to lose the game.
Cornell beat Harvard in yesterday's hockey game because their sieve allowed five goals.
by Justin March 29, 2004
better be hot in the movies, because the way they talk her up in the books I better crap myself when she appears in the movies she's so hot
They can never find a girl as hot as Cho Chang is depicted, and the movies will leave me disappointed again
by Justin December 02, 2004
In Real Life - Something people who have such a thing say on the Internet to irritate those of us who do not. These three letters send the average geek loner into a nostalgic flashback of better times in their childhood.
"I'm talking about my friends IRL not you, loser."

"I wish I could attract members of the opposite sex IRL."

"Do you think we'll ever meet IRL?"
by Justin December 04, 2004
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