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A kindly kinship. A tightly knit though loosely organized group of elders who did and do look after my best interests. All share a common love for the music of Jerry Garcia.
"Hey now, do you have a place to be?
"......Uh...I am looking for my friends but I think they left me here.... I don't know how to get out of here or where to go. They have all my money and the car keys and all....."
"No worries. Come on into our bus, my wife is making Bananna/Spirulina smoothies and cornbread. We have a camping permit as we are vendors. We have an extra pull-out bed you can sleep on tonight and you can find your friends tomorrow".
".......That is really nice of you. Thank you. Am glad to find Grateful Dead family.
by Justathrowback March 30, 2011

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