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A slur towards the peoples of the Balkan Mountains. These people are Albanians, Bosnians, Serbians, Croatians, Kosovars (actually Albanians), Montenegrins (Usually Serbs), Bulgarians, Macedonians (actually Bulgarians), and Greeks
Q: Who do you think took my car?
A: Balkanrats are really into that these days

Q: Who were the terrorists who killed Franz Ferdinand?
A: They were a bunch of Balkanrats

Q: Who brought all those miserable looking hookers to the party?
A: Its that Balkanrat's family reunion

Q: Where can I get a smartphone for under 60 USD?
A: I know a Balkanrat who has a connection

Q: Can you guess who owes me a shitload of money?
A: Let me guess, a southern european and another five says he's a Balkanrat
by JustAnotherSlur November 08, 2011

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