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A group of uneducated fucktards led by a man named rich who has sucked dick straight to the top of shitty service and craftsmanship who get there jollies from charging outrageous prices for shitty work they don't plan on backing up later on. Mostly known for raping as many marines as possible without even a courtesy rim job. So if your stationed at lejeune and decide to drive to swansboro give them a friendly fuck you as you drive by. In my humble opinion they should all be shot in the knees and sent to iran where they can all eat shit and die.
Damn majestic motorsports really stuck it in my tailpipe if you know what I mean.
by justanotherasshole June 22, 2014
When your great-aunt wipes her ass with 50 dollar bills, but eats cat food because she can't find her god damn CPP cheque.
"Chef's Dinner is on for 48 cents at the Zellers!"

"We were talking about my college fund Aunt Margaret"

"Friskies! At the Zellers!"

*mutters* "Hurry up and die ya senile old hag"
by JustAnotherAsshole July 23, 2011

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