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Ladding is a new sport involving photography, which can be played by guys or girls. The aim is to take a photo of someone's crotch without them noticing. if you get a photo of someone's crotch facing you, that is a premium lad, a photo of someone's arse is an anal lad, and a photo of someone from the side is a sidal lad. To win a Ladding competition you must have a premium lad, and a good winner would be very zoomed in, or with a big bulge (for guys). The winner of a competition is called a 'Top Lad'
Person 1: Wanna do some Ladding?
Person 2: Look at this Premium Lad i got of Bob!
Person 3: Yeah, i got this one of Susie
Person 1: That's rubbish, it's only anal
Person 4: Look at this one of Brian, it's really zoomed in!
People 1,2&3: TOP LAD!
by JustAnInventorOfWords July 26, 2012

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