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1. Someone who thinks Somalia is a nice place to live.
2. One who thinks Ayn Rand is a good writer and isn't crazy.
3. Delves into the archives of history to base an ideology off of Industrial Age Europe in much the same way conservatives do medieval England.
4. One who thinks the free market should decide whether or not it's okay to force your children to work in African mines doing backbreaking labor, inhaling toxic fumes and whatnot for eight cents an hour.
The Dark Lord Cthulhu
Prince of Darkness
Michael Badnarik
Ayn Rand

^ each and every one a proud Libertarian
by JustAHumbleMan March 28, 2007
a man of decent, wholesome traditional values that involves him spitting on the poor, protecting the sanctity of marriage by using gay chat sites and engaging in bestiality, keeping government out of the lives of ordinary americans by racking up the largest spending bills in the nation's history, protecting the people from the terrorists by blurring the lines between church and state and securing america's proud traditions by defacating on the constitution.
Neal Horsley
Ted Haggard
Timothy McVeigh
Eric Rudolph
Mark Foley

^^^ Each and every one a card carrying Republican.
by JustAHumbleMan March 28, 2007

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