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A chavette is;

Looks; usually in last-seasons skinny jeans, a United Colours Of Benetton t-shirt, Ugg boots or 'pumps' and a body warmer complete with a fur hood. Either razor-straight hair or attempted scrunched with mousse. This results in wet looking, kinked, flat hair with no curl whatsoever. When the hair is up, usually pulled very tight into a side poyntail with an attempted quiff. Adores Dior. A ridiculous amount of eyeliner and make up is always used. Foundation line always visible.

Attitude; very arrogant. Anyone who would dare like Fall Out Boy and not Akon is labeled an emo, and tends to walk around playing unreleased R&B songs they found on LimeWire. Goes around in packs, attracts a worrying amount of male attention. In photos, a pose is always used.These range from the popular 'gunz' sign, blowing a kiss, looking up and away from the webcam in order to make eyes look better. Writes in capitals, but replaces a capital 'I' with 'ii'.
'I is gonna buy the new Akon single cos it's mash up. I is not a chavette you emo'
by Just.Daydream March 25, 2007
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