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Literally it means shit-indie
However as this means it is a term rather open to interpration a better definition would run thus:
A musical genre which is largely mainstream, as equally related to pop as it is to true indie, rather devoid of talent and/or personality and, cynics would argue, produced purely for a quick buck by a celebrity seeking band.
Shindie is of course followed by fans of shindie- "shindies" or "shindie kids" who wear all the stereotypical "indie clothes" and try far too hard to be indie, sort of similar to the wannabe or scene kid in the emo social group.
True followers of shindie will NEVER admit that the music they listen to is shindie.
"Scouting For Girls are utter shindie"

"You are such a shindie kid"

"Shindie is killing music"
by Just a passer through June 29, 2008
Acronym for Neds In Traning
These are small,young and irritating semi-chavs which you can just tell will be chavs in a few years time.
"My Brother is such a N.I.T. And he's only 5!"

"Look at those N.I.T.s there"

"God you stupid N.I.T. Get lost"
by Just a passer through September 27, 2007
Acronym for Object Of a Failed Abortion.
A very mean yet incredibly amusing phrase to apply to those you hate.
Pronounced: Oo-Far
"Look at that kid. He's well an O.O.F.A."

"God you O.O.F.A Get lost"

"This really annoying O.O.F.A really pissed me off today"
by Just a passer through September 27, 2007
When two chavs have what they might class as a "relationship" together.
These generally last for a very short amount of time and are of a rather crap standard
"Aww how sweet Chazz and Sherline have got a chelationship going."

"Look at the chelationship going on there."

"OMG I feel like such a chav. I mean I was in a chelationship."
by Just a passer through September 27, 2007

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