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Noun - The type of feces that occurs when a particularly hairy man's ass hairs bind after a hot day or sweaty workingout. Upon going to the washroom, it creates a grater-like effect when expelling fecal matter. The bound hairs proceed to shread the outgoing turds into spaghetti like strands, creating Shit Spaghetti. Particularly evident in Italian men.
"Dude, that hairy guy over there just dropped a load of shit spaghetti into the john and forgot to flush."
by Just a Duck December 12, 2009
Zatar is a middle-eastern delicay, similar to the chickpea paste called hummus or yogurt based paste called Labneh. Officially the worst food EVER. Created by squeezing chickens until they shit blood and then mixing it with camel semen. Favorite dish of Arab terrorists everywhere.
Bob: "Want some Hummus?"
Joe: "Sure."
Bob: "Want some Zatar with that?"
Joe: "Fuck no! Zatar makes me puke."
by Just a Duck December 13, 2009

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