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5 or more people with no shoes on. Orgies can be anything from oral to full on penetration. Us band geeks don't care.
Omg I had the hottest orgy last night with to chick and four guys!
by Just a Band Geek September 30, 2005
While band geeks may seem like freaks, if you get into their "circle of friends" you will find that...

a) They have possibly the hottest orgies ever.
b) They have more sex than most of the jocks.
c) They have hot orgies on the two hour bus rides every saturday.
d) A lot of the girls are bisexual.

Not to be confused with orch dorks. Band geeks are way hotter. Orch dorks are inferior to band geeks. Plus they don't have the hot orgies like we do.
Omg that chick has sex every saturday with the tuba player! I wish I was a band geek...
by Just a Band Geek September 30, 2005

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