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Internet Relay Chat. IRC is a chat protocol that can have many people talking in one channel (though messaging another person is normally supported).

IRC is not that hard to set up. You can download a client (or use Java, whatever suits you), then connect to a server, register your name, join a channel, and things go on from there.

Oh, IRC has plenty of noobs. And most of the discussion in IRC is normally just really stupid stuff (see below).
H0tch1k203 has joined #randomchannelol
<toughk1dlol> whoa a gurl! hotchik wanna cyber?
<H0tch1k203> eww on irc? dats gros
H0tch1k203 has left #randomchannelol
<toughk1dlol> lol i am teh l33t

<randomkid> penis!lol
<urmom> lol penis!1
by Just Him August 17, 2006
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