2 definitions by JushtinSmeagol

1. Somebody with a mood disorder, such as Bipolar Disorder.

2. A person who is culturally and/or racially prejudiced.
1. My wife is a buttknuckle. She belongs in a mental hospital.

2. I ran into a couple of buttknuckles in the ghetto today. I saw them throwing beer bottles at a black person's house.
by JushtinSmeagol March 12, 2011
1. A closet-homosexual who feels the need to assert that homosexuality is immoral in order to hide his own sexual orientation from the general public.

2. A person who acts in fear towards homosexuals.

John: I have seen my godfather with other men, but he beat me when I told him I was gay.

Mike: Your godfather must be a homophobe then.

2. Asshole: The homosexuals are attacking! Run and hide!
by JushtinSmeagol March 14, 2011

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