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To get absolutely fucked beyond belief. Originated in 1992 when a young Germanist named Squidward invented a particular form of binge drinking involving the mixing of Deutsche lager with breastmilk. His love for breastmilk may have dwindled but his burning passion to get stupidly drunk in untimely situations remained undying and henceforth to get squided became the latest in a long series of terms meaning to get so drunk you're no longer aware of what continent you are on and why your underwear is hanging out of another male's mouth.
Guy 1: Hey man how's the head?
Guy 2: Uuuuuuuuuuuuh
Guy 3: Don't worry Guy 1 he's just hideously squided - fucking wasteman
by Jus_get_it_in April 25, 2011

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