3 definitions by JusMe_Angie

A Medical Marijuana Dispensary and Strain Reviewer
Example: Angie the Weedviewer walks into the dispensary pen and paper in hand taking notes of all aspects of the Medical Marijuana Dispensary from the Ceiling to the Staff and ultimately the medicine.
by JusMe_Angie January 24, 2011
Facebook venting is when you are on facebook posting comments and venting as you would to your homegirl, or homeboy, as the case my be.
Me and my bf broke up on Valentines day, and I was expressing myself (facebook venting) via facebook. Revealing all the details of the ugly breakup.
by JusMe_Angie February 20, 2011
Weedpics are pictures/photographs of Medical Marijuana and MMJ Dispensaries
Example: Angie takes HD weedpics /photographs of her Medical Marijuana to share with her MMJ online community
by JusMe_Angie January 24, 2011

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