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When your Facebook Wall is taken over and completely occupied by either a long comment or a string of comments by "friends"; often times unrelated to the initial response to a posting or status update.
Man, I've been wall-jacked by 20 friends discussing sci-fi television generally as comments to my status, when all I did was post that I thought my wife was a Cylon.
by jurv February 02, 2009
The common name of the H1N1 virus, aka swine flu, aka pig flu. Derived from H O(ne) N O(ne) and necessary because H1N1 never caught on and pig or swine flu is unfair to the pork industry.
Oh No, he got the Ho No.
by Jurv September 24, 2009
An expression used to encourage yourself or someone else when it appears an endeavor is headed for a disastrous outcome (due mostly to external conditions). Based on when Sully averted tragedy by successfully landing US Airways Flight 1549 in the Hudson River. See also, "Land it in the Hudson by Nicole N."
After the poor testimony of your client, it is time you Land It Like Sully and settle this case.

We are upside down in our mortgage and just received a foreclosure notice, so we ought to just Land It Like Sully and short sell.
by Jurv May 27, 2010

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