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This earned surname, indicates a person of exceptional talents, someone who has excelled in not just one respected area, but in fact all of them.

Forget the transitional 'King' or 'Queen', the mediocre 'Professor' or 'Prime', the name 'Jarman' is a heavenly garb we can all strive for - but something very few of us will ever get to wear.
If I can just get my black belt, my Masters, win the WWE title, write a stadium rock classic, make love to a thousand women and then invent time travel.. maybe, just maybe I can replace my surname with 'Jarman'.
by JurassicJoel June 25, 2010
To be a 'Jurassic' Joel, your darts skills must far out strip those of other darts players, 180's must come as naturally to you as missing the board comes to lesser players.

It is not uncommon for a Jurassic Joel to also be excellent at Basketball and a sublime cook.
I just got Jurassic Joel'ed!!
by JurassicJoel June 25, 2010

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