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An abreviation of the popular Sci-Fi Comedy radio, book or television series or feature film Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, written by British script-writer-turned-author,Douglas Adams. Popular on internet forums as it is shorter and quicker to type than the rather ungainly HHGTTG.

See Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy for more info.
Hoopy Frood A: OMG, I just love H2G2!
Hoopy Frood B: I know! I'd like to sass that Frood, Douglass Adams.
Clueless User A: WTF is H2G2?
Hoopy Frood A: Just ignore him, he has no idea where his towel is...
by Jupiter-x October 27, 2006

1.dress socks
Peggy Sue! Come git yur dinner socks on, we're goin' to Baker's Square!
by Jupiter-X February 01, 2005

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