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11 definitions by Junkyardjimbo88

Periods Must Suck
OH NO! We pissed her off while she is was in PMS! NOW SHE'S GOING TO TURN INTO THE INCREDIBLE HULK!
by Junkyardjimbo88 April 28, 2003
To injure with deep disorganizing wounds by cutting, tearing, or crushing.
I'm gonna mangle you a new one the size of texas!
by Junkyardjimbo88 April 28, 2003
A crappy federation that is a rip-off of ECW, and has very bad announcers and wrestlers
XPW is a horrible wrestling federation
by junkyardjimbo88 August 15, 2003
An awesome 80's rock band that sang famous songs like We will rock you and We are the champions
queen is a kick ass band
by Junkyardjimbo88 July 07, 2003