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Akin to drunk dialing, it is the act of sending oftentimes embarrassing text messages to contacts while inebriated.

Typically, to an ex-girlfriend or boyfriend.
#tanktexting #text tanking #text #drunk text #hammered #wasted #text message
by JungleboyJames May 01, 2009
spending the day shopping with the girlfriend; going shopping in general with a female when you are not buying anything for yourself; being forced to spend hours at the mall wishing you could escape to something more serene
Tim: Hey man, a bunch of us are going to play basketball around noon, would you like to come?

James: I wish i could but I'm afraid I'll be filming a FloTv commercial. All. Day.

Tim: Sucks Bro. Really sucks.
#flotv #filming #commercial #girlfriend #shopping
by Jungleboyjames September 03, 2010
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