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There are three types of James;
1) James is a rich, ok-looking person. Into books and culture. Very kind and romantic, though not always loyal and doesnt care about other peoples feelings and can be very mean and hurtfull. (Suits people named Adele, cramche , Katie & Megan)
2) James is a down to earth guy into the film business and creative things. He is funny and very good looking(well hung), but sometimes attracts too many girls and doesnt choose the right one. (Suits people called Rhianna, Jemma, Rarni, Jazzy, & Hiranya )
3) A fat, slob who is very kind but enjoys sitting at home playing cod. He enjoys eating and watching porn. (suits people called Adele, Moscheei, Rarni, Alice & Rosie)
That james is a slob

That james is well rich

That james is well down to earth

James and hiranya are together now

James the slob is good with Adele but james the creative one is with hiranya.
by June man hill eye face November 25, 2012

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