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1. Coined by the group blackstreet "no-diggity" (meaning no doubt or without a doubt) and now used as a modifier to affirm the awesomeness of the attached word.

2. When attached to a name "diggity" can also affirm the awesomeness of that person.

guy #1 Did you hear Rossy slept with the bartender last night?

Guy #2 Get the fuck outta here! Fuckin Rossdiggity.
by Jumpin Jonnys June 23, 2006
1. Coined in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, the Jondom is made with the same latex as a regular condom, however, is on average 25-50% bigger than a regular condom.

2. The term Jondom is usually only applied to condoms so large that they are custom made, but can also mean a XXX or Magnum.
1. I was ready to get dirty with the swamp donkey but I ran out of Jondoms and all she had was standard.

2. I ran out of condoms so I had to borrow one of my roomates Jondoms. It was like trying to fuck wearing a hefty bag.
by Jumpin Jonnys June 26, 2006
A word reserved for the biggest of big. Usually used to describe a fat person or an extremely big object.

"Holy shit that bitch is Gitremendouslygantinormous"
"yeah Canada is a great place to live and I hear the guys there have gitremendouslygantinormous cocks"
by Jumpin Jonnys June 23, 2006

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