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A rare spelling variation of the name Tiffany. Tiffanie's share little in common with Tiffany's other than the first 6 letters of their name.

Tiffanie's are much harder to find, making them irresistible. They are well known for being too cute for words and, more often than not, stunningly beautiful. Tiffanie's have the natural abilities to succeed in every aspect of life and look damn good doing it.

Unfortunately for the world there are not enough Tiffanie's to go around. Very few are lucky enough to have one, the rest of the world lives their lives in jealousy. or settle for a lesser Tiffany.

A:Too many damn Tiffany's in this school! We could use some Tiffanie's.
B: There is a Tiffanie in this school..
A: Yeah but she's taken!
#perfect #rare #tiffany #tiffanie #tiffani #annie #cute #desirable #stunning
by JulyTwentiethTwothousandseven September 18, 2008
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