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3 definitions by Julius Caesar

A sweet-tasting frozen drink made by continually stirring a flavored syrop at a below-freezing temperature to create a frozen, yet fluid drink. One of God's greatest gifts to humans.
Great for cooling down in the summer, but best in the winter after hockey games.
You guys want anything from Sev?
Yeah: Slurpees!
by Julius Caesar June 12, 2003
251 59
An effeminate homosexual who is usually on the receiving side: often biting the pillow in pain or pleasure. Also enjoys giving head (swallows of course).
"You stupid pillow-biting sword swallower!"
by Julius Caesar June 12, 2003
52 24
A mysterious man from Canada who is blessed with a chiseled body, stunning good looks, and a gift to turn innocent girls into dirty nymphos.
He is soooo buff! And he fucks like a pornstar too! Hes a buffpornstar
by Julius Caesar June 12, 2003
5 10