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A fictional place of work where Farmers rest their brittle bones after long nights of partying with the social elite. When there is "work" to be done in precis, usually a french guy with a lesser IQ and social status is brought in to help the farmer.
Where is Steeee? He is in Precis with Dum Dum and Gauthier!
by Julios "forkliff" Melandras November 26, 2004
Hat, Quebec. An isolated island in Quebec little men with hairy bacskides roam the countryside. There are documented cases of Chapeau's citizens moving to the big city, but they have generally failed to urbanize.
GUY! I is be for to go to my broders trailer in dats Chapeau, Quebec dis weekends!
by Julios "forkliff" Melandras November 29, 2004
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