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Sex with Family Members Closely related people
Sex With A Cousin or something
by Julie February 04, 2005
the manly way to say "aww" so that way Eddie can say aww without sounding gay.
Julie: "Ilove you Eddie"
Eddie: "WooWee"
by Julie June 29, 2004
slang for chill and funky
"like yo dude, this jazzy house track is dag"
by julie May 07, 2004
a gay person
Dude, go taste the rainbow you damn skittle!
by Julie April 13, 2004
A sleezy hoe, who sleeps with different men(including her cousins)and has an ass that looks like cottage cheese
2)lost a fight w/julie oliver on2\11\04
3) idolizes playboy in hopes of becoming one but can't because she ugly and very!!!!! dirty.
hey do u guys know florena wolfe? yea isn't she that slut in that lil sexy boe pep out fit who id rather sleep with rosealyn.
by julie April 05, 2004
for sure;positive;exact going to or gonna
me:hey you comin to da party this sataday?
friend:oh fo sho wid it ill be there
by julie October 08, 2004
plural of feteshes; multiple feteshes
i have one fetesh; you have 2 feteshes; he has 5 feteshi
by julie May 27, 2004

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