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2 definitions by Julia Rosendahl

Ul stands for upload, as aposed to DL for download.

Originates from way back in the BBS years, when giving something back for ratio on said said server.
"I'll UL that file for ya m8 it'll be there in a sec."
by Julia Rosendahl June 10, 2008
38 16
Tradechat is a chat you can enter while in a major city in the MMORPG world of warcraft. By using /2 in the commandline.

This is the chat for selling and buying items and crafts, with acronyms like WTS, WTT, WTB,Crafting.
And is also used to spam random things like the infamous dirge and chuck norris.
tradechat "WTS 10x Primal Earth"
tradechat "WTT Primal Mooncloth for Spellcloth"
tradechat "WTB Stacks of Netherweave cloth"
tradechat "Crafting Spellstriker Hood your mats my nether"
by Julia Rosendahl June 10, 2008
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